“For me, dominance means feeling in control and out of it at the same time. I avoided that dilemma for eight years.
Until I met her.”

He avoided his true nature for eight years. And then he met me.

His name is Marc Brayden, and he has everything I don’t. Wealth, power, stunning looks. He also has a family tree filled with lust and evil, and that’s why I’m here. To make a name for myself. To dredge up a past so sinful Marc has never talked about it. Until now.

It’s just a simple interview. I don’t expect it to ignite a dangerous fire between us. I don’t expect it to change my life forever.

I won’t get close to him. After what’s happened to me, I can’t. But Marc won’t accept less than absolute surrender. I won’t accept less than the truth about what torments him. Even if it destroys a family, and tears us both apart.

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No hesitation, no second guesses. I’ll show him. I’m not that easy to break.

Seduced by my own stubborn pride, I agree to a week without limits. No matter what Marc demands, I’ll keep my word if it kills me. But it's not enough to control my body. He wants to crush my resistance and claim my soul.

If only he didn’t care so much. His love will ruin us faster than cruelty ever could.

Because to Marc, loving me means destroying me.

He won’t descend into the darkness his family is known for. He’ll protect me even if he shatters my heart and lives a lie. Desperate to discover his secrets before it's too late, I set out to find the one answer that could save us both.

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Would you lie, cheat, and steal to win back the love of your life?

I would. Without a second thought.

One lie changes everything. That’s what I learned when I lost Sophie Quinn. I’ve spent a year plotting my return to her life, and now I’m back with an offer she can’t refuse. Unless she wants her new company to go under and forty employees to lose their jobs.

I’m persuasive like that.

Hard as I try to be professional, our chemistry is out of control. We’re still explosive between the sheets (and at 35,000 feet), but Sophie doesn’t give second chances. She’s got a new man and a wall around her shattered heart. But she’s all mine for the next month. And I know from experience what makes her weak. I know how to break a woman down.

The trouble is, I’ve still got a few secrets. If she finds out, she’ll discover just how ruthless I really am. And exactly how far I’ll go to make her mine.

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Who would you be if you had no memory? If you could start over again with a man so sexy, you’d betray your past just to be with him?

That’s what I did. I knew it was wrong. But wrong means nothing to a man like Drex Cougan. Pool shark. Millionaire. Master of getting what he wants.

I’m walking through a dangerous border town wearing only a t-shirt and panties when he rescues me from a bad decision. He knows by looking at me that I’m in trouble. What he doesn’t know is that I’ve got a red-hot temper and no memory before three days ago.

I must have come from somewhere, but nobody’s stepping up to claim me. That makes it way too easy to fall for Drex, who’s as tough and demanding in bed as he is successful in business. But my past won’t stay hidden for long. My old life is waiting, and even Drex might not be able to save me from it.

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Jane is gone, vanished, ripped out of my life. But she’s still mine. And I’ll fight to the death for what’s mine.

The past has finally caught up with Jane. She can’t escape it, even if I own her – body, heart, and soul. No one will explain what happened to her, or why. Thrown into a world of people she doesn’t recognize, she struggles to forget me, the man who saved and possessed her.

But I won’t let her. I don’t care what’s right and wrong. Or who was there first.

I made my own way in life, and my own fortune. The usual rules have never applied to me. And even if Jane belongs to someone else, nothing is off-limits, and defeat isn’t an option.

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Rose Devereux writes shamelessly erotic romance, some of it light, some of it dark, all of it sexy. In her other life, she is a traditionally published author whose books have been translated into five languages. Reviews of her novels have appeared in Cosmopolitan, The Boston Globe, New York Magazine, and the Associated Press.

She loves animals, sleeping late, champagne, and alpha males.
She lives in sin with her boyfriend and two cats in Boston and New Hampshire.